Roger's Regular 8 (c. 1973)

This is home movie footage shot in Pittsburgh around 1973 by the late filmmaker Roger Jacoby (1944 - 1985) of his then lover Ondine and their good friend Sally Dixon. I inherited this reel of Regular 8 film when Roger died in November 1985 and was never able to look at until it was digitized in 2018. Ondine was the Andy Warhol superstar famous for his electrifying ground-breaking performance in “The Chelsea Girls” and also for “Loves of Ondine” and “Vinyl.” Ondine was born Robert Olivo in 1937 and died in 1989. Sally Dixon was the first head of the Film Section of the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh and an extremely important curator and supporter of experimental and avant-garde film. The film was perhaps shot using Marie Mencken’s Regular 8 camera. I do not know who shot the footage of Roger, though it was likely Ondine. Ondine first appears in the beginning of the film wearing overalls and later in a white cardigan sweater given to him by Marie Mencken.

Digital transfer made possible by a grant from the Al Larvick Conservation Fund.

05:19 Roger Jacoby
10:40 Sally Dixon
11:05 Office of the Film Section of Carnegie Museum
13:11 Bill Judson

8mmEthan Shoshan