Gay Pride Run (1985)

This is the 4th Gay Pride Run in New York. It is a 5K event run around Central Park starting at 5th Avenue and 90th Street. The footage shows people warming up, the start of the race, the end of the race, people recovering from the race and the beginning of the medal ceremony.

Digital transfer made possible by a grant from the Al Larvick Conservation Fund.

00:22 Rick Buckheit (also 04:56)
01:20 Marty Perl (05:20)
02:19 Joe Criscione
04:05 Jim Scofield
04:07 David Laurence (07:03), Michael McMahon (06:50, 09:38)
05:30 Barry Miguel
05:44 Sue Foster
05:53 Guy Zelenak
08:32 Tom Cook
09:29 David Rothenberg (09:45)
09:37 Richard Walker