International March for Lesbian and Gay Freedom (September 30, 1984)

The International March for Lesbian and Gay Freedom took place on September 30, 1984. Marchers walked from Sheridan Square (Christopher Street and 7th Avenue South) to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza across from the U.N. There were a few hundred demonstrators and the event is very little remembered. This is the only known moving image record of the event. For an organizer’s inside view of the March, see “What If They Gave an International March and Nobody Came?”

Digital transfer made possible by a grant from the Al Larvick Conservation Fund.

00:37 Ian Scott Horst
00:40 David France (also 03:04)
00:59 Radical Women (03:36, 06:44, 11:10)
01:07 Gary Adler (10:26)
01:50 Gil Gerald
01:59 Black & White Men Together
01:57 NYU Lesbian & Gay Law Students
02:26 Dee Michel
02:44 Association pour les droits des gaies et lesbiennes du Québec
03:36 Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL)
03:46 Irish Lesbians & Gays Against Imperialism
03:51 David Thorstad (04:02)
04:04 Bill Andriette
04:13 Ed Glorius
04:37 Nelson Gonzalez
04:45 American Gay Atheists, Dominic Florio
06:26 Robert Cohen
06:37 Grupo Lambda de Liberación Homosexual
07:00 Steve Ault
07:12 Jim Fouratt
09:38 Mitchell Karp

Hand-processed, 16mmEthan Shoshan